Sunday, January 6, 2019

Christmas Miracle is LOVE

Do you believe in Christmas miracles? I do. 
have seen God show up two days before Christmas and provide every dream I had for my large family of five kids in unexpected ways. I have gone in to December with no clients in sight and God has sent someone to honor me and my ministry for God & Country, with a large financial gift of honor. Seeds sown had reaped a harvest; God had planned perfect timing for its distribution. My family and I have known nothing less than abundant Christmases, from indulging in gift list wishes to adopting full family’s for Christmas, angels from trees, and seeding gifting opportunities at every red bucket with a bell ringer. God is a God of abundance and blessings.
One recent Christmas, I was challenged to let it all go – gifts and expectations, materialism and the pursuit of financial giving. This was a difficult move for a mom of five who had built years of Christmas abundance and traditions, and received gifts from even Mrs. Claus! I was prompted to not provide a single gift to my children, but, in lieu of gifts, to create a warm home with love and games and laughter by the fireplace, to leave a chocolate bar and verse under the tree, and to write individual letters to each of my children, explaining the true meaning of Christmas, expressing God’s love and mine to them, and to give them the ‘Gift of Faith.’
 It was a humbling experience, after years of prolific and historical gift giving and Santa’s plenty, there were a few tears of mixed emotions and tender heart strings pulled, but there was a gift of love that Christmas morning that was priceless. It was evident Christmas was much more than gift wrappings and bows and dollar store finds and designer handbags. And, the love of Christ was ever evident in our home full of His love.
Then, there was the next Christmas, where a few gifts were found under the tree – the tree that my college son had come home to buy and cut down with his youngest sister as a surprise to me! – and, the miracle was found in the sibling’s love for one another in many ways. Each child, aged 14-25, had taken it upon themselves to provide Christmas for one another, with their own hard-earned dollars and created shopping lists. They had picked names and spent a treasure on their one sibling pick, plus each added extras for the youngest child still in her season of Christmas excitement. And, it was the youngest two who went out like Santa’s elves on Christmas Eve and stocked their packs with goodies for the Christmas stockings for each of us. They chose perfectly thoughtful gifts and trinkets and pocketbook treasures. What a delight to see before my eyes, the love for family, the gift of thoughtfulness and sharing, and to see all the years seeded in faith had unfolded in love. They had been paying attention to the details, and, they had a keen understanding of Christ’s love and compassion and caring and sharing.
Whether there is Santa’s sleigh full, or a few treasures to unwrap, the Christmas miracle is truly found in the love exchanged with one another. It was the Christmas traditions the kids asked about each of these years – will you still make a big holiday dinner on our Christmas tree plates; will you read The Night Before Christmas; will we leave Santa egg nog and oats for his reindeer? Will we have our sibling sleepover, with pillow fights and a Christmas movie ‘til we sleep? Will we look at every family ornament, collected over the decades, and cut down a fresh Christmas fir? Will we hang out in our pajamas all day, play chess and put together puzzles? Will you make us breakfast while we all hang out in the living room? Will it still be Christmas as our family has come to know it? And, the answer was clear, as a cold winter’s night – the Christmas spirit isn’t in the gifts, but in the love that is shared. And, in this, my family has discovered the Christmas miracle, God’s faithfulness, and the true love of our Savior.
This Christmas, I feel the Lord pulling me away from the traditions of man more than ever. It makes it difficult to be in a world immersed in these ways. But, what I have learned is that no matter what’s under the tree, the love that is offered to one another is the best gift of all and the one, I am certain, that pleases Christ our King. The Lord sees the heart, and in His love and care for us, gives us the desires of our heart, sometimes in Christmas lists fulfilled, and, sometimes in the Gift of Faith exchanged. Receive whatever the gifts of the season might be with gratitude, share generously with others; let His light shine, and the Christmas love that is meant for this season will shine brighter than the season’s lights and create memories for a lifetime.
May this exchange be the Christmas miracle you have been longing to experience. May the love of Christ our Savior envelop you and your family this season. And, may it carry you for years to come.
Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor (one another), as yourself.’                                                                                                                                       -Matthew 22:37-39
LOVE is the true Christmas miracle.

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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Keep Praying, Answers are on the Way for you, me, and America

Do you feel it?
The birthing pains?
The change of season?
It is upon us.
The heavens are roaring. The earth is groaning.
The world walks in fear, but, the King of Kings has something more, and it is His blessed assurance. He is calling His Bride.
He is looking for the few - His remnant, that will lay down their lives and, follow Him.
Judgment will come, according to the Word of God. And, we are closer now than ever before.
Just like Miss Clara in The War Room says, how do you like your coffee? Nobody likes theirs lukewarm and, neither does our Father as it relates to our faith.
As the U. S. Embassy moves to Israel, we move closer to the promise. Now is the time to decide if you are 'All in' for your faith or if you will deny the One true God and run away to your own temple of worship. There is no more time for lukewarm Christianity.
He is calling His treasured bride.
What does that mean? It means, He is calling us without spot or wrinkle - we are to give Him our hearts and our souls, our sins and our weaknesses; we are to say yes to the Father and agree with heaven, for it is time for His purposes and plans to come to pass.
We have seen great changes in America in the last few years and, more will continue to come. But, where the world would say we are lost and even our own countrymen might grumble in agreement, I believe we are walking into a surprise turnaround and great days of glory and jubilation.
Have you read His word? He will 'utterly amaze' us. (Habakkuk 1:5).
Recently, I've been seeing the history of America differently. I see the seeds of her soil poisoned with sin - the sin of bloodshed and slavery, of bondage and aborted blood. I see trauma in the souls of her people and trauma in the soul of our country.
We have sinned and followed the wickedness of our hearts instead of walked into the heart of the Father and agreeing with His decrees and commands.
I believe it grieves the One who created us and His tears from heaven stream down upon the earth in heavy rains to cleanse our land.
Many people are now awakening and their hearts are burdened and agreement with heaven is coming.
The Word of God says "If my people will humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear them and forgive their sin and heal their land." -2 Chronicles 7:14.
He is the way, the truth and the life and He has given us a way out.
That hour has come - the hour to see the fulfillment of His promises.
Two years ago I felt in my spirit the title for another book - America Prayed, God Answered Seeds for Global Awakening. I have just released the cover this week, with the book on it's way.
It's a book for the healing of America's soul. It's a collection of what the Father has been doing all around us. Have your eyes been opened or closed?
Native Americans have come together, offering forgiveness to one another; Women are being brought out of the darkness with the #MeToo Movement and empowerment initiatives, Darkness is being spotlighted and immorality exposed; North and South Korea are finding ways to end their missions of darkness and come together in unity, and Dr. Martin Luther King's Dream and, now, mine, are awakening the hearts of our people. The Spirit of America is being ignited and America is finding her passion to dream again and believe.
The Lord is calling to His people. He is waiting for us to turn from our debauchery and immorality and return to Him. He has more for us.
He offered His son on the cross so that we could be forgiven, white as snow, and, with Him in paradise for eternity.
I believe we will see a Great Move of God in the coming days, as the embassy is moved and the covenant restored, as we continue to pray for the peace of Israel and agree with Heaven, even as we approach Pentecost, I believe there will be a major release of the Holy Spirit and we will see souls saved and written in the book of life.
I believe this is America's finest hour. We are awakening and turning to God. I Can Only Imagine what will happen when we stand in awe of what God's about to do. It's time for the billion soul harvest and for the truth to go out to all the nations.
America will experience a turn around, the world will see, we will jump into our mission for the Great Commission and souls the world over will join us in Heaven.
God is calling His bride. He is a good, good Father. He has treasures stored up for us in heaven, yes.
But, just ahead, He will pour out His glory. For those who bless Israel will be blessed.
And, America will reap the rewards for her obedience. God is true and faithful and real.
He will answer our prayers. He will pursue us until we are on fire for Him.
Pray with a vengeance for every soul you know, for your family, your neighbors, your country, our president, Israel, and the souls of every nation because America Prayed and God Answered is what I am believing for from my God who has promised All Things Are Possible.

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Ushering in The Spirit of Love in America

Hurricanes and floods in Texas, Fires in Montana and Los Angeles, California, earthquakes in Mexico and yes, even in Oklahoma; One, two - will there be three - devastating hurricanes over the islands, Haiti, Cuba and Puerto Rico. America and her neighbors are taking a bashing as of late. 
The earth is groaning with birth pains. The words of Revelation from the Holy Bible are coming to pass before our earthly eyes. 

With a wave of pain and a enough tears shed to fill an ocean, it is now time for America to usher in a Spirit of Love. 

'Love God with all Your Heart.'

‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.

                                                                                                                                -Mark 12:30-31, NIV

These natural disasters, which have brought a multitude of tragedies, have also yielded the hearts of many. 
A sister who threw herself on her brother, a proclaimed agnostic, who found the love of his sister and the heart of  his Father in heaven; he became a born again believer. But, first, the love, the love of his sister, the love of another human being, willing to show compassion, concern and true, unconditional love for him. 
Truck loads of supplies from many states lined the interstate with provisions, on the ready for Texas and to offer love, hope, support and disaster relief to scores of folks in need. 
Personal boat owners who showed up from far away to show the love of Christ, to offer hope for fellow souls. Why, when asked? "It's the right thing to do," said one small boat owner. 
That's Love. That's the American Spirit. That's the heart of our Lord in heaven. 
Cruise ships that forego adventure travel itineraries to rescue folks on an island. 
A Furniture store owner that disregarded profits for people and opened his showroom to people and pets, and pizza store owners and Asian restaurant owners that forgot their own troubles and braved flooded streets and downed trees to offer love in the form of hot cooked meals and fresh pizzas. 
This is love. This is the American spirit. 
An orthodox Jew, conservative most of his life, invited for lunch by an unknown friend, got a second helping of the Good News before dessert and was drawn to the love of an awesome God through his newfound friend, connected only by a facebook post. Before Dessert, he accepted Christ, and, this week became a completed Jew through baptism. All this, due to the love of a stranger, the willingness of a fellow citizen. 

'Love God with all Your heart.'

'Love your neighbor as yourself.' There is no commandment greater than these. -Mark 12:30-31. 

Evacuees housed by facebook friends from another state, hadn't set eyes on each other in two decades. Yet, love and shelter were extended. This is love. 
Evacuees housed by family states away. Food and hugs and shelter offered connection, safety and love. 
Little children, knee-deep in water, rescuing abandoned pets from all over the community.
Grown men, clasping arms with strangers, to rescue someone trapped in a car; brown skinned, yellow skinned, white skinned, who could tell? Mud,sweat and tears rolled down the arms, grime under the fingers where the steering wheel was gripped, prepared for death. This is love. 
#All Souls Matter. One true God died for all souls to live, to live in love. 
One God created every soul on earth. Look beneath the skin, to the DNA, there is absolutely no difference, no matter what culture, tribe or race you consider. 
We live in a great country, where freedom reigns and blessings are at our fingertips. 
It is time for our land to be healed. It is time for scars of pain and differences and hurt to be healed and forgiven. It is time to reconnect, remember, to serve and to love. And, to put a face to #Wethepeople. #America Matters. God has a destiny for America. And, every living, breathing soul on this continent gets to part of that destiny. 
This, America, is our finest hour, where we can take one baby step in love, rise from the ashes, the storms and the hate and leave a legacy for the future generations. 
Now, is the time to usher in The Spirit of Love. Just like The Spirit of America, a call for an annual national observance of patriotism, I so often promote with my passion for patriotism, The Spirit of Love is in our deepest being, placed there by the One who created us. 
My heart is for God and Country, and I know the primary tenant of most religions is peace and love. Let Peace and Love reign. Let us begin with loving the family God blessed us with. Let it extend to loving our neighbor, who is a living, breathing soul trying to make it in this world, too. 
In tribute of the massive slaughtering of innocent lives at Las Vegas, to those impacted by multiple natural disasters and, to every struggling soul on our planet, let us respond differently, let us walk outside this upcoming weekend and greet our neighbors in love. Knock on doors and introduce yourself, pass out fresh baked cookies or handshakes and hugs, suggest a neighborhood pot luck this month, dedicate yourself to volunteer for your community and your county sometime this week. Remember the beauty of our country, connect with other souls who breathe the same air you do and just LOVE. God is waiting for his invitation back into our homes, our hearts, our neighborhoods and our country. When we Unite and Ignite the Spirit of America and usher in the Spirit of Love in America, God will utterly and completely amaze us.
                                                                                                                                      - Habbakkuk 1:5. 
Visit to join my mission for God and Country for all souls and to learn more about engaging in The Spirit of America.
 #IhaveadreamforAmerica #Godhasadream #Americahasadestiny #America'sLegacy. Let it be #LOVE.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Chill the Champagne, Solar Eclipse will reveal Turning Point for America

I’m excited for August 2017 this year. Not typical. My Daddy died unexpectedly Aug. 1, 1991. But, I know death is part of life. God gives and takes away. You can bet that He is faithful and when there has been wilderness, there will be promise land; where there has been hardship, there will be blessing - in due season. This year, I’m believing it’s due season for America and her people.

August is important to me on a number of levels. My military family started Aug 21, 1986 when my former military spouse and I had our first date. On Aug. 21, 2015, The Military Family: A Casualty of War No More! manuscript was finally, coincidentally on that day, released to my publisher at Xulon Press, in spite of getting lost en route for over nine months. And, then there’s the solar eclipse, a magnificent sign from the heavens that only God Himself could have orchestrated for Aug. 21, 2017.

I have been living ‘in the wilderness years’ for 13 years. And, like Joseph from the Bible, I’m hoping for a prison break. As I’m facing August, I’m in agreement; it’s a great month to have a do-over, a second half of life, like Job’s epilogue of abundance after a lifetime of plagues; one that has no holds barred. Like Joseph, I would mind from prisoner to national patriarch overnight.

No coincidence, I have multiple strategic meetings on the calendar for August 2017. God Himself is opening the heavenly doors of blessing for restoration to come flood our land. 

For those of you who have followed me for years regarding Spirit of America Days, Sweet Life messaging and my heart to strengthen Military Families and America - #Wethepeople for God & Country, this could be the convergence of all those efforts in one sweeping month! This could potentially surpass my Jubilee adventure across America, indeed. No man knows the plans of God. I boast only in my God and what He can and does do. He is faithful and abundant in surpassing my dreams – always.

I recently over heard someone say that when the moon's shadow passes over the sun in the upcoming solar eclipse event, there will be complete and total darkness.
I believe, this is symbolic of the mercy hour and a reminder that God is always in control of our world. This is the moment that our world can go in either direction, for good or bad. This will be the 2 minutes and 35 seconds of decision time and darkness.

Then she said, from her experience observing eclipses in the past, that the shadow completely passes and the light floods through again and there is great brilliance of light. 
It reminded me of the brilliance of a diamond as she explained it. 
It made me think Diamond Jubilee. And, the brilliance will be glorious. It made me think of Habakkuk 1:5 and how He will 'utterly amaze' us. 

Look at the nation and watch – be utterly amazed, for I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe.        –Habakkuk 1:5.

While Diamond Jubilee is typically observed for a 60th celebration, I started this walk of faith for my 50th Jubilee celebration. Israel just observed 50 years of Freedom, where their nation was born in a single day. It’s a sign of how God does the impossible and He does it Suddenly, Overnight, in a single day! It will be a Jubilee celebration for the ages.

I believe on Aug. 21, the world will look its darkest, but God has His best and brightest plan already set in motion and Aug. 21st will reveal the greatest turning point for America that we have yet experienced. 
It will be America’s greatest hour and the nations will be awakened at the excitement of this victory.

Remember, the Chicago Cubs World Series Win? Remember Jordan Speith’s British Open win by a spectacular, impossible hole-in-one from the sand pit? Remember my achievement of all fifty states against all odds, with more faith than finances? God specializes in the impossible victories. Believe Him for the one He is setting us up for now.

He is a good, good father. He loves you, me and America and souls of every nation. 
This solar eclipse will be isolated exclusively to America. This total eclipse is so unique that it exclusively encompasses America from coast to coast and that it has been 99 years since we have experienced anything similar- that's nearly two 50-year Jubilees. 
I believe it's a sign in the sky for us for a purpose for this season.  
For those who will truly wake up from their slumber and turn to God, He will 'heal their land.' 

2 Chronicles 7:14 -
If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

And, for those who are stubborn, stiff-necked and remain wicked in their ways, there will be judgment. Take heart, there is still time. Turn to the one true God. Repent. And, leave your life of sin. It’s that easy! Press in for those you know and love in prayer and in that moment when darkness covers the sun and light is revealed, it will be like when scales fell from Saul’s eyes and conversion captured his soul. America and her people will finally see the light. And, our nation will once again be One Nation Under God.

I’m believing that August will hold a tidal wave of blessings for each of us.
The Lord brings me to Habakkuk 1:5 over and over again since I started my faith walk, writing books for Him and speaking from stages, testifying of His faithfulness on my journey across America.

I believe on August 21st, champagne corks will be popping all over America, fireworks will be ignited and shouts of Thanksgiving will be released to the heavens.
God is preparing to Utterly Amaze us. Be Expecting! It’s a #SweetLifeUSA for God & Country!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

He's a Mountain Moving God

All Things Are Possible for Me, You and America - All

I don't care what mountain is in front of you. I don't care how things look right now. Turn off the secular news. The devil is a liar. The God I know moves every mountain and makes all things possible. 

Haven't you read  His word? 

Mathew 19:26. 

With man this is impossible, but with God All Things Are Possible. 
Yes, all. I took Him at His word. 

I moved out of my house and trusted Him to move the mountains to make all things possible and, He did. He is faithful. 

For my loyal followers who have traveled America with me for God & Country, you know He is a Mountain Moving God. 

I invite the rest of you to join the journey for patriotic revival in America. 
You see, I moved out of my home and with just $2.12 and one airplane ticket, trusted God to move the mountains to bring me to the rest of 16 states for my fiftieth birthday. (I had already been to 36 and had a decade-long goal to see all fifty by my fiftieth).
It was, after all, my Jubilee birthday and, He did, in one fabulous trip after another. 

You simply must join me on the journey and after you read God & Country: All Things Are Possible, let me know which mountain-moving part of the journey was your favorite. 

Was it the impossible mountain of one overnight in Alaska or the trip to Maui, Hawaii, where I went to the airport without even a ticket and He moved the mountains to provide me a buddy pass and get me a seat on an oversold flight during spring break? He moves the mountains alright. 

Sue Detweiler is someone who can talk up the same storm about a God who moves mountains. I caught her sharing her testimony on Babbie’s House, WATC 57, and immediately connected with her passion to share Jesus and the same mountain moving God I have experienced.

“Women Who Move Mountains” by Sue Detweiler is Sue’s most recent book. Sue Detweiler connects readers through their emotions and their hearts and connects them to the heart of Jesus by laying out His promises and leading you through the power of Praise. It’s a book you will want to meditate on for awhile.

Together, we share first-hand experiences of a mountain moving God and His amazing Grace. I hope you will join us and experience for yourself how God can move any mountain in your life.

Check out  “Women Who Move Mountains” on Amazon and go here to to learn more about her beautiful ministry. She has a tender heart and cares for her readers and continues to pour out ways to empower her readers. Don't miss out on Women Who Move Mountains or my true story of God & Country.
I can’t wait to hear your stories how God moved impossible mountains for you, too. 
Be sure to share this post to empower other women to trust God to move their mountains, too.
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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Uncle Sam wants YOU for God & Country

Call me Betsy Ross or a Patriotic Pollyanna, but I love to see our American flag billowing in the wind. I get especially emotional on long road trips, when I crest a hill on a highway and see the oversized American flags that are typically displayed at our car dealerships. There is something so beautiful and so moving about the flag whipping in the wind in all its glory and freedom. Don't you agree?

It reminds me of the freedom I enjoy and brings me right back to that battle ship when after a long night of heavy fire, Francis Scott Key peered through his spyglass and saw an American flag waving. To me, the flag reminds me of that battle-weary soldier and that very moment when his hope was rising, encouraged by the sight of Ol' Glory. The American flag reminds me to 'soldier on', to never give up, to expect the hope of Glory rising. The American flag reminds me of my steadfast hope I have in God who never gives up on us or our country - our birthright. 

On September 13, 1814, Francis Scott Key wrote The Star Spangled Banner, our national anthem inspired by that event. And, today, over 200 years later, I am riveted by the same flag. For me, the American Flag is a symbol of freedom and faithfulness, a symbol of wars and victory, a symbol of unity and pride, a symbol that we are One Nation Under God. 

My patriotic pride wells up in me, as it did for Francis Scott Key after the Battle in the Baltimore Harbor and enduring ruthless bombing from the British. I am so very grateful to be an American. I love God and I love my country and I want America to remain free for the next generation, too. I want us to live in the promises God has for each of us and for our America. 

I am inspired to recognize Flag Day, June 14, the day our American flag was adopted in 1777, by resolution of the Second Continental Congress. It also happens to be the birthday of the United States Army. As a former Army wife for 23 years and an author of The Military Family: A Casualty of War No More!, I find that an extra special reason to recognize this day. 

But, I see it as more, more than just a flag flying or a day to recognize it, I see it as a symbol of our shared values and a symbol of esprit de corps. I dream about the day The Flag Brigade (learn more at, is adopted by HOA's across America and visitors from other countries and residents are greeted with a wave of American Flags in every neighborhood. I see it as a sign of unity and strength and a statement of patriotic pride that brings joy bubbling out of me and unites neighbor to neighbor with one common bond. I also see it as an expression of our 2nd amendment right: Don't mess with Texas. We stand for America and everything this flag symbolizes. We are willing to post our flags, defend our freedom and stand together as a formidable force, some might say, if you're not with us, if you are disrespecting this flag and this country, then, Delta is ready when you are. 

It is my dream to see American flags flying in front of every home across America in this season, at this time. While we have the privilege to fly a flag any day we choose and no one can regulate differently (see, so few Americans make the effort to do this. My vision is to change this by making the process easier with a subscription-based flag service (learn more at,to simplify the process so that every American can fly a flag without the excuse or burden of installing one. This has been my dream since 9/11. Just so happens, there is a neighborhood right here in my own hometown that shares my love of country and flag. Take a drive over to St. Simon's Cove this Memorial Day weekend or any upcoming Federal holiday and see how 48 homes have American flags waving. It will inspire you to do the same in your own neighborhood. (If you are interested, give me a shout and I'll simplify the process for you to lead the way in your own neighborhood). Together, we can paint America a sea of red, white and blue and inspire patriotic pride and a united and restored America. 

 We are free to fly the flag when we choose, but wouldn't it be terrific if we all chose to every day? There are established days when we are encouraged to fly our flags from President's Day to Memorial Day and Flag Day, Fourth of July, Patriot's Day and more. The Flag should be displayed from sunrise to sunset on all days, weather permitting. Respect the flag, do your homework before you fly the flag. But, I have an even bigger dream for America. 

My dream is to see American flags fly often and at a minimum, these designated days and additionally, Memorial Day through Fourth of July for 37 days, during a designated annual observance of Patriotism, called The Spirit of America Days. (Join me in my Dream for America, It is a non-partisan, 'every person who lives on American soil' action plan that focuses on Patriotism, Volunteerism, Re-dedication to Family, Neighbor Nights, Fourth of July parades, Exploring America - #YourAmerica, #FindYourPark - and more - because #AmericaMatters. Back in the day, Uncle Sam wanted us for duty for war, today is the day, I'm recruiting my fellow Americans for duty to create unity and renew patriotism, to support SAM Days for Uncle Sam and for God & Country because I believe All Things Are Possible for me, you and America! 

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Ignite The Spirit of America for Patriotic Renewal of America

Tonight, President Donald Trump will address the Joint Session of Congress and focus on #The Renewal of the American Spirit. 
Finally! Someone is listening and ready to take the reigns of leadership! 
After 9/11 I wrote and released The Spirit of America Days, A Blue Print for America's Call to Action to Ignite Patriotism and keep us charged as a nation after the terrorist attacks on American soil. From Coast to Coast I have spoken about it for 16 years. People who listen, love it and are ready to engage!
I have stewarded this program since 2001, using it as a national platform to ignite Patriotism and Volunteerism. In 2003 and 2015, the program gained popular and Congressional support and won a national award as part of a national Author's Award Competition and also as a major part of another international platform. In 2015, I completed all 50 states and spoke to many Americans eager to support it. (God & Country: All Things Possible by Jacqueline Arnold).  In 2016, it was part of the reason I was given a Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award (signed by President Barack Obama). This Program (SAM for short, like Uncle SAM!), has received signatures from Senators, former House of Representatives members and even a letter on White House letterhead from former President George W. Bush. The soil has been stirred up. I have done my part like Paul Revere to wake up my fellow Americans. The time is Now, America. The Spirit of America is igniting, now, let's harness the power to ensure it never leaves our land again.
I am Thrilled and Delighted +DonaldJTrump is calling the American people to a Renewal of the American Spirit - The Very Thing I have been travelling America, speaking, writing and talking about for over a decade. 
The Time is Now, America. And, each of you, each of us - We The People - can do our part! 
To harness the energy that has been created as a result of this election year and to create unity in the division this same election year has brought about, I offer, 

The Spirit of America Days,

A Non-Partisan, Cross-Cultural All-Inclusive Patriotic Effort known as The Spirit of America Days, a Blue Print for the Renewal of the American Spirit - 
an annual Observance of Patriotism married with 52 Specific Action Strategies to target and strengthen the Quality of Life for Families, Neighbors, Communities, Churches, Public Servants, Educators and the Military, strengthening our connections and our country, protecting our freedoms and our birthright from Coast to Coast for generations to come.
37 Days Memorial Day through Fourth of July, including Flag Day to UNITE as a country, volunteer, celebrate with pot lucks and parades and recommitting to our country, our flag, our faith and our community. 

If you love this idea, Click here and Sign. 100,000 signatures are needed by March 21, 2017 to bring it before a Joint Session of Congress, unless, of course, President Trump calls me sooner to get this Patriotic Plan in Motion! I am ready Yesterday!
We can all be engaged in The Spirit of America Days by May 29, 2017.

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This is The Spirit of America Days Program:
An annual Observance of Patriotism Memorial Day through Fourth of July, Approved by the Joint Committees of Congress, both the House of Representatives and the United States Senate, Signed into Action through a Presidential Proclamation by Donald J. Trump. (Uncle SAM wants YOU – ‘We The People’ to Ignite and Sustain The Spirit of America. Implemented by personal decision from each individual American or person residing on American soil, with a renewed commitment in each home and family in America, revitalized by team efforts in Neighborhoods, led by volunteers and/or HOA’s (where appropriate), cohesively integrated under the leadership of local Community Town Halls, County Commissions or Civic Organizational Leadership in Communities across America (as deemed feasible by each county and/or community under the direction and proclamation of the local Mayor), to create a Grass Roots movement of Renewed and Sustainable Patriotism using this Non-Partisan, Cross-Cultural All-Inclusive Patriotic Effort known as The Spirit of America Days, an annual Observance of Patriotism married with 52 Specific Action Strategies to target and strengthen the Quality of Life for Families, Neighbors, Communities, Churches, Public Servants, Educators and the Military, strengthening our connections and our country, protecting our freedoms and our birthright from Coast to Coast for generations to come.

 52 Action Steps to Ignite The Spirit of America and Safeguard the land we love!

Everyone Living on American Soil can Live The Spirit of America Daily.
We The People Need to Make our Voices Heard. 
I encourage you to please, ask Congress and our President to Proclaim
The Spirit of America Days, Memorial Day through Fourth of July, an annual Patriotic Observance and to encourage every American to engage and every City to support community-wide participation. Let's make our neighborhoods safer and happier, our communities stronger and our country what she was meant to be. 
The Spirit of America Days is an easy, well-thought out Action Plan  for America. 
Join me and President Donald Trump for The Renewal of the American Spirit. 

Love America. Embrace America. Celebrate America. 
#America Matters